Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 42

*For explanation of The Happiness Experiment" go HERE .*

Secret #83
Enjoy the ordinary.

"You do countless things in the average day that can be labeled as chores or can relabeled as enjoyable. Walking the dog is something that has to be done, yes, but while you walk the dog you get some pleasant exercise, some time to think, and a chance to see the neighbors and the neighborhood. Enjoy what you do every day."

If we make everyday a special day it will make it a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning. Instead of just thinking, "Today is going to be just another regular day."

"In a study of over thirteen-thousand people, 96 percent of subjects rated their satisfaction with life typically no higher than "fairly positive." The satisfied life was not one of extremes but of steady, generally positive feelings."

Secret #84
Focus not on the world's tragedies, but on the world's hope.

"Many sad things happen in our world, but rather than focusing on them, have hope for the future. Think of the world's potential. Perhaps the future holds the curing of diseases, the end of violence, the amelioration of poverty and hunger."

I'm noticing more and more as I go through this book, that positive thinking is a HUGE part of being happy. Ignoring all the negative feelings out there and focusing on the good. Keeping yourself positive will lead to happiness.

"Over nine in ten Americans are uncomfortable or worried about aspects of the world and of society. The difference between more and less happy people is what they do with that discomfort. Less happy people wallow in the problems they see, while happier people focus on potential improvements in the future."