Sunday, July 27, 2008


Wanted to finally post some pictures of Iris' first birthday along with a few others of her. We had a nice barbeque at a park with a few friends and family for her birthday. It was fun and she had a good time. She was so funny with the cake. She didn't really want to get dirty so she would just take little pinches of it. When Evan smashed her hand into it, she got a little mad but started licking it off and decided that she liked it. She even shared a little with her dad. I was pretty proud of the cake that I made. She really likes dogs so I put a little dog on there with paw prints around the side and a paw print on all the cupcakes for everyone else. The other pictures are as close to her one year pictures as we got. I had the studio set up to do some other photos and while I was waiting for them to come, I put Iris in there and got some pretty cute ones. I think there's one of her in her car seat too. Not the most comfortable postition.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For those who are wondering...

Well we went to the doctor today and got the ultrasound done. And for all those who were betting on what we were having... it's a boy!!! We are very excited. I must admit, I had a feeling it was a girl. Mostly because this pregnancy has been very similar to how I was with Iris. And most people have told me that it is usually different with the opposite gender. So there you have it. Iris is going to have a little brother.