Sunday, October 3, 2010

Growing Up

After going through my "to post to blog" photos, I thought I would post these and start posting more after that. So now for your viewing kids. I have very mixed emotions about how fast they are growing up.

Iris loved her fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar that we found while we were at Grandpa and Grandma's.

These are all photos from a little photo session we did with the kids. Sometimes they cooperate for photos and sometimes they don't.

This is how Iris has started smiling when we tell her to smile for the camera. Where do kids get that?

I hardly ever comb his hair. Actually it's almost never this long, but he does look handsome with it all slicked down.

Donevan has a slight obsession with his belly and belly button.

Another obsession.

 Rare photos of them both looking in the same direction. So hard to get them to look at the same time.

Even harder to get them to look and smile at the same time!


My world!

Now that I have posted these, I need to go through the rest of the photos and get more on here. 

Just to fill you in on what is going on here with us:
I only have 10 more weeks until #3 comes. I am constantly questioning whether I am ready for 3 or not. I don't think I'll ever be ready, but she's gonna come whether I'm ready or not.

Business has exploded this year. That's one of the biggest reasons for lack of posts. I am really busy with editing photos, making albums, and of course being a mom. But I have made me promise to myself to post more and let everyone know what we are up to.

My garden did great this year. I wasn't too sure if I was going to get anything because it stayed cold for so long and I got everything in so late, but I was able to get a ton of wonderful produce this year and I am already getting excited for next year. I did take pictures so hopefully I will get those on here soon.

Iris started ballet once a week. She loves getting dressed up in her leotard and tights and spinning around and being beautiful. We are also doing preschool once a week with other moms and both kids like it a lot. It is our turn to host next week and we are focusing on the letter "c". Should be fun.

I know there is a lot I am leaving out, but I don't want this post to be too long. So I will try and keep more up to date as I post more pictures.


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

These are SUCH cute pics! Your kids are adorable. I'm glad you guys are alive and doing well :)

Sadie said...

So cute!! You got some great shots! I can't believe how big Donevan looks! Time really does fly. Love your pictures!