Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 41

*For explanation of The Happiness Experiment" go HERE .*

Secret #81
Be conscientious.

"Finish what you start. Care about what you are doing, and do it right. Although being conscientious is not as easy as slacking off, we feel better about ourselves when we do a good job."

This is so true. I do feel better when I finish a task and when I do a good job. I admit I am kind of a slacker and will whole-heartedly agree that slacking off is WAY easier than focusing on the task at hand and getting it done. So this will be a good challenge for me this week.

"Research on adults reveals that a tendency to be disciplined, deliberate, and dutiful has an 18 percent positive effect on happiness."

Secret #82
Don't dwell on unwinnable conflicts.

"Move on. The problems you spend your time and energy on should be both important and improvable. Otherwise, you are better off moving on to things you can change."

The book puts it best saying that we are all like Sisyphus, always pushing a boulder up a hill just to have it roll back down before we get to the top. It's pointless. "The beauty of real life, though, is that our boulders are of our own creation and will disappear if we just stop pushing."

"Many people experience conflict in balancing their time between work and home. Studies find that people who want to spend more time in both settings wind up feeling decreased satisfaction at home and at work. Those who recognize that their limited time is a conflict without a readily available solution are one-fourth more likely to feel comfortable with themselves than those who do not."