Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We have really been making some headway with the potty training. She has been really good about telling me. I am still using a potty reminder, just to help her remember. But the treats that really worked were candy corn (tanny torn in Irisese) and a bag of Spongebob gummy krabby patties (gummy hamburgers) that I got at the dollar store. She loves them. We still have a few accidents, but nothing like it was. Thank you for all the advice. I'm just so glad to not have to change the diapers of two children. Woo Hoo!


Aaron and Angela said...

Glad you are making some progress. Its frustrating but you just have to stick with it and it will be all done in no time.

Warren Z said...

Does she go pee pee rocks yet, or are you having any trouble with coloring books in the corner?

Ludwig Family Randomness said...

so happy to hear that she is doing well! Great Job it is no small task!