Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Any advice?

I've really been trying to get Iris potty trained and she does so good and then I spend an afternoon cleaning up accidents. For all of you who have gone through this before, any secrets that worked for you? Any tricks or methods? We got her her own potty, because the little potty seat on the toilet wasn't working. She was really excited about it for about a day and today ended with her wanting to go back to diapers. Help! I know that it can take a long time, and she needs to be ready, but are there any ways to make her want to go? Thanks.


Sadie said...

Potty training is my least favorite stage. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. It really does depend on the kid. Maddey was my hardest and it took her forever!!! But I think you need to have a good reward system. Something she really really likes but doesn't get often. Sticker charts never cut it for my kids. I had to get creative. Skittles and M&M's worked well for pee and the big number 2 which is always hardest for them to do on the toilet were toy prizes. It takes patience. Good luck!

Aaron and Angela said...

I agree with Sadie. For Benjamin we used suckers when he peed and when he would go number 2 we gave him a toy. Same thing for Jacob - he has regressed 2 times so I still have to give him chocolates to poop on the potty. Hopefully it won't be like Pavlov's dogs and everytime he poops throughout his life he'll think he needs chocolate afterwards!