Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We have really been making some headway with the potty training. She has been really good about telling me. I am still using a potty reminder, just to help her remember. But the treats that really worked were candy corn (tanny torn in Irisese) and a bag of Spongebob gummy krabby patties (gummy hamburgers) that I got at the dollar store. She loves them. We still have a few accidents, but nothing like it was. Thank you for all the advice. I'm just so glad to not have to change the diapers of two children. Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Any advice?

I've really been trying to get Iris potty trained and she does so good and then I spend an afternoon cleaning up accidents. For all of you who have gone through this before, any secrets that worked for you? Any tricks or methods? We got her her own potty, because the little potty seat on the toilet wasn't working. She was really excited about it for about a day and today ended with her wanting to go back to diapers. Help! I know that it can take a long time, and she needs to be ready, but are there any ways to make her want to go? Thanks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And He's Off...

Just wanted to update everyone on a few things. First of all, Donevan is now walking! Both exciting and scary at the same time. Iris was always so good at not getting into things and just staying in one place. Donevan is the total opposite. He is always moving and into everything. He is so rough with things too. Boys.

Second, the winner of the giveaway on my craft blog is posted so go HERE to see if it was you.

And that's it really. Not as much as I thought when I started typing, but as I sit here that is all that I can think of. If more comes to me, I'll let you know. And I will get some more pictures on here too. We took some cute ones of the kids the other day, so I'll try and get those on soon.