Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 48

Secret #95
We must feel needed.

"Think of those who rely on your friendship, caring, guidance, help. You probably don't realize how important you are to the people in your life."

I admit that sometimes, okay most of the time, I feel like nobody relies on my friendship or guidance. Like my kids are the only ones that need anything from me, and even that doesn't really make me feel needed. So I guess I need to stop trying to feel needed and just realize that I am needed even if I don't know it. And then try and give as much help and friendship as I can.

"In an experimental research program, a relationship was found between happiness and helping behavior. By helping others, we create positive bonds with people and enhance our self image. Those who had more opportunities to offer help felt 11 percent better about themselves."

Secret #96
Say "so what."

"A classmate at your high school reunion is richer, prettier, smarter than everybody else. Does it matter? No. Your life is shaped more by your everyday relationships than by the lives of acquaintances you see only rarely."

I think that as long as you are doing what you enjoy and you have a family and friends that you love and that love you, that's all that matters. Why compare yourself to others?

"Satisfaction with life was found to be related to experiences with family and friends-those with regular participation in one's life-and to be unrelated to those with whom contact is brief or irregular."

Only 2 more weeks left in this experiment. This year has really flown by. I'm going to take this last two weeks and really focus on all the secrets and think about if doing them has improved my happiness or not. I think it will be a good chance for me to really think about what I am doing in my life and how it is affecting me and those around me.