Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Bash!

November 6th marked the 2nd birthday of my little man, Donevan. Those 2 years went by incredibly fast. So fast, in fact, that I never did post pictures of his 1st birthday. Oops! So now I am going to remember this past year with photos from both birthdays. It's crazy how much he has changed!

Year One

A bulldozer cake with rocks and dirt. And cupcakes with the same.

One cute little 1 year old diggin' in and gettin' messy.

 Not my favorite haircut, I guess we've all changed.

Year Two
A Lightning McQueen cake and cupcakes with tires and lightning bolts. I am really starting to like using marshmallow fondant.

My sister Meghan had her baby (a boy, Cory Steven) that morning, so Donevan had his cousins there to celebrate and will now get to celebrate every year with Cory.

He really loved the Cars cake. 

Even though I'm due for another haircut, I do like this better than last year.

Evan got him a huge collection of Hot Wheels and other cars. He hasn't stopped playing with them since. The boy loves cars. And trains. And airplanes.

Things Donevan loves at two:

Crashing the above mentioned items into each other.
Playing in the sandbox
The color Orange (he won't eat if the food is not on an orange plate or bowl and he will only use his orange fork or spoon.)
His dad
Chasing the chickens
Playing with Iris
Pestering Tina (the cat)

Some of my favorite Donevan sayings:
"Yep, that's right."
When playing with his cars-"Ooo a pretty one!" He spends a lot of time with Iris.
"Special rock!" They're all special.
"Love you Mom"
"Hurt, Mom. Kiss better."

Donevan is such a joy to have around. He is always making us laugh. He loves to make Iris laugh especially. He is a sweet boy and very tender-hearted. He is good at saying Please and Thank You.
I love my little man and am so blessed to have him in our family.

Happy Birthday, Donevan!


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Well done on his Lightening McQueen cake! You are one talented lady. I can't believe he's 2..... I had to read that twice when I saw it. It seems like yesterday when you announced you were pregnant with him!

Sadie said...

So cute!! He is just the cutest. I really enjoy having had my boys after my girls because they seem to pick up some really cute phrases from their sisters that I'm sure they would never say otherwise. I love it!! I really can't believe he's 2! Love the pictures and awesome job on the cakes.

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