Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 22

*For explanation of The Happiness Experiment" go HERE .*

Last week's secrets:
Learn to use a computer.
Try to think less about the people and things that bother you.

Secret #43
Keep your family close.

"As family members scatter across the country, it becomes easy to forget to include them in your thoughts and in your time. Keep up the contact, share with your family the news of your life. They want to know, and you will feel better if your bond is maintained."

The book states that "...being apart does not have to mean being distant from each other." I liked that. It has been hard keeping in touch with my family as they are all spread out now. But like I was talking about in the last post about computers, it is now so much easier to stay updated on news and events that are going on with others. Blogs and Facebook help us stay in contact with each other. Of course, it's great to make a phone call once in a while too, but the internet is such a quick way to get the updates. We just need to make the effort to include everyone.

"Studies that examine the importance of family to senior citizens as compared to adults not yet entering middle age show family relationships to be an equally crucial component of life satisfaction for both age groups."

Secret #44
Eat some fruit every day.

"Fruit eaters feel good about what they eat, are less interested in eating junk food, and ultimately feel better about themselves."

An interesting fact that I learned from this secret is this: "Our bodies crave sweet tastes, which originally was an evolutionary advantage, for it led early humans to consume more fruit. Only in modern times, when sugary sweets have become available to us, has our taste for sweets had  negative consequences." I have really been buying a lot more fruit. I love the spring and summer when all the delicious fruits are in season. Evan bought me a food dehydrator and I have been running that thing a lot. Dried fruit is such a simple snack. The kids gobble down the apples and mango (or bango as Iris calls it). And I have enjoying all the melon and peaches that are so perfect this time of year. And it does make me feel better to have fruit. It makes you feel healthier and there are so many benefits.

"Eating fruit is associated with a number of positive life habits that contribute to both health and happiness, and eating more fruit is associated with an 11 percent higher likelihood of feeling capable and satisfied."

Keep your family close.
Eat some fruit every day.

The secrets this week are simple but challenging at the same time.