Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week 21

*For explanation of The Happiness Experiment" go HERE .*

Last week's secrets:
Busy is better than being bored.
Satisfaction is relative.

Secret #41
Learn to use a computer.

"Whether they are eight or ninety-eight, people who use computers experience the wonders of technology and of the world."

The book uses examples of how military families use computers to stay in touch with each other and their friends after multiple moves. I love being able to keep in touch with people I haven't seen or talked to in person for years. It's a great way to keep family updated on events and photos. It's a great way to look things up and stay up to date on current events. I love my computer. Now, I know that I could definitely live without it, but it does make me happier having it.

"In a study of senior citizens introduced to personal computers, self-esteem and life satisfaction were found to improve by about 5 percent as a result of computer use."

Secret # 42
Try to think less about the people and things that bother you.

"There are in infinite number of thngs you could spend your time thinking about, but many of us concentrate great attention on those things that we find most upsetting. Don't ignore what bothers you , but don't focus on it to the exclusion of the things you enjoy."

Are you willing to sacrifice a friendship or other relationship because you can't get over something that the other person does that bothers you? Think about it. Think about the future with and without that person. Is that thing really that bothersome or are you just overthinking it and letting it bother you? Is it something that maybe you can overlook and let go? It goes back to positive thinking. Thinking about the positive things in a person is going to bring out more positive things. But negative thinking has the opposite effect.

Those who regularly ruminate over negative subjects and unhappiness are 70 percent less likely to feel content than those who do not."

Sorry to my regular reader(s) for all the late posts lately. I started out doing them every Sunday and lately have been letting slip until later and later in the week. I almost didn't do this one and was going to just do two tomorrow but I got after myself and made me do it. I'm always glad when I do. It gives me something new to work on and think about for the next week.