Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Be Overwhelmed...

I don't know why I insist on waiting until I have way too many pictures before I finally decide to post them on here. So once again I apologize for how many there are. But they are all great so enjoy.

These are from Donevan's blessing. He is so handsome. My mom made his outfit and I made the booties.

This was a treat I made for Evan for Valentine's Day. I got the recipe from Bakerella. They were sooo yummy. It's Oreo's and cream cheese dipped in chocolate. I thought they turned out pretty cute.

Iris' latest obsession is the little dirtbike that Evan got. She LOVES it. We have to be careful saying "motorcycle" because she will immediately stop what she is doing and go to the garage door and try to go out for a ride. She thinks it's great. I have to admit it is pretty fun to ride around on.

I've told a few people about her animals. She has so many "friends" that she has so sleep with and sometimes take all around the house. It's like she doesn't want a single one of them to feel left out. These are actually only the few that would fit in her chair with her. There are many more.

These are some priceless photos of Donevan with Great Grandma Dodge and Iris with Grandpa Dahl.

What a raggedy looking princess! She spotted this little crown from her birthday up on the shelf and insisted on wearing it.

Some fun with cousins, Morgan and Casey.

And Donevan with Nonnie.

Everybody knows that crayons belong in the car.


Enos said...

do you think iris will be into younger guys? because honestly...she is soooo cute....not that i am saying that lucas is going to be the hot stuff that she will fall in love with.....but you never know! :)

Sadie said...

So cute! I love all your pictures! More, more, more

Kristi said...

Donevan is so dang handsome, you have beautiful kids

Tolman's Heaven said...

Our blog is:
I also have the link on my facebook page.
Thanks for having us over the other night. It is a lot of fun talking with you guys. Well have to get together more often.