Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Stats

Donevan had his two week check-up and has gained back his birth weight plus 7 oz so he is now 7 lbs 14 oz and also grew half an inch putting him at 21 inches. The doctor said he is very healthy. Last night he decided that since he slept most of the day, he would be awake during the night. Not so much fun, but I can't really complain, he is such a good baby. I'm just glad that he is healthy and happy.

I have a picture of Iris that is almost identical to this one. I love the kiss faces.


DJ, Valorie and Ammon said...

He is absolutely precious!!

Sadie said...

Awwww... He's so adorable!!! I want to hold him so much! Dang, I wish we lived closer.

Lindsay said...

his skin looks so soft and sweet..i wanna lay my cheek on his... i bet he smells all yummy and baby.