Friday, September 26, 2008

Space Invaders

So I was out in my garden this morning and came upon what was the ugliest and most vicious looking bug I had ever seen. So naturally I caught it and kept it to show to Evan.

I asked him what it was when he got home and he tells me it's a potato bug. I didn't believe him. What we used to call potato bugs are what are also known as roly-polies. And that was NOT a roly-poly. He told me that his mom used to tell him that if he didn't clean out his ears that potato bugs like that would grow out of them. I'm sure he had pretty clean ears. I got on good ol' Google and typed in potato bug and the first thing that pops up is a picture of the bug in my jar. So I am now admitting that Evan was right and that he does know what a potato bug is.

It's still the ugliest bug I've ever seen.

I also wanted to put a picture of a few of the tomatoes that came from my garden. I got a good recipe for salsa from Meghan so I am going to give it a try.


Sadie said...

That is a very ugly bug, and most definitely not the potato bug that I was thinking!!
Yummy tomatoes! I am making salsa today too. Twins!! Nothing better than fresh homemade salsa. mmmmmmm

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Holy cow! Those are not the Nevada potato bugs we all know and love! I agree that it looks like an alien...... Yuck!

Aaron and Angela said...

Um, so do roly polys transform into those ugly bugs or what? Your tomatoes look so yummy, I could eat em up.

Jacob & Emily said...

Nice tomatoes! The bug is pretty ugly - I'm not sure I would want to pick it up! It kinda gives me the shivers!

Lindsay said...

Don't worry Kinsey... you are actually right too. I looked it up on wikipedia and it said this..."can refer to either a pillbug (yours, mine and most other people's definition) or a jerusalem cricket (evan's definition). so there. (i hate being wrong.

Lindsay said...

i just wanted to say again how much i LOVE those oneies and those cute little skull shoes. I'm gonna try and post them up on my blog tonight. Enos and i decided that those oneies are the cutest we've seen so far. So simple, so sweet. hehe. Lucas kicked a "thank you zinsers" last night. :) oh... and how exciting for you... you only have 29 days left!!!! luck-Y.