Sunday, September 28, 2008

A few fun photos

Thought I would throw some more photos on here real quick.

Iris has really taken in interest in the piano. I have been trying to play it with her quite a bit and when she gets a little older I'm going to try and actually teach her how to play.

Since her hair is finally getting longer (probably needs to be cut, but I just can't bring myself to) I decided to try some pig tails. She looked so grown up. What a cutie!

And this is what her hair looked like when we took them out. Still a cutie.

She has had this thing with shoes lately. We have a big basket by our front door that all the shoes go in. She loves to take them out and spread them throughout the house. She will also bring me a pair and wants me to put them on and then keeps bringing me different shoes to put on. She drug Evan's big shoes into the office, so I put her in them and took a picture. She could barely stand up.

We love Tina!! I'm still not too sure how much Tina loves Iris. She is really good with her and tolerates her pretty well. Iris just wants to hug and squeeze and pet her all the time. She just squeals with delight every time she sees Tina.


Jacob & Emily said...

Iris is so stinking cute! I love the pig tails too!

Talia said...

Oh Kins...she's so beautiful! You guys looks so much alike, thanks for linking me to your blog!

Aaron and Angela said...

She looks exactly like you. Love the pics - they are so cute!

Sadie said...

Awww what a cutie! Love the pigtails.

Allie said...

It seems crazy to think of her that big. I know that she is, but still.... She is a cutie!

Lindsay said...

Iris has such a proper little face... like she should be sipping tea and painting watercolors somewhere on the english countryside. It so precious.

Chris & Lynette said...

Iris is so cute! Hey, I've actually kinda stalked your blog for awhile through Allies-hope you don't mind. I love seeing all your pics. Do you care if I add you??