Friday, January 11, 2013

Iris Goes to School

It is still a little strange to think that I have a child old enough to be going to school, but it's true. Iris is now a big Kindergartner. She could not wait to go. She was very very ready and though I am sad to admit it, so was I. She needed more to challenge her brain than I could give her.

So we got up that morning and got all dressed (her school is a uniform school) and did her hair all pretty. Then ate a good breakfast.

She was so excited to finally use her backpack!

We, of course, had to have a big photo shoot of her first day. I am going to try and remember to make these signs for the kids every year on their first day. It will make it easier to remember the exact day and  what grade they were going into.

Some photos with all the siblings. I can't wait until they are all in school and we can look back at this photo and remember how small they all were. I love that Clara is holding all her toys and looking like the little ragamuffin that she is.

She has grown so much!! I love that cheesy forced smile.

Aunt Kathy (aka Aunt Taffy) and Uncle Don and Hunter came to watch Iris get on the bus and wish her well at her first day of school.

The proud parents. 

The whole family. 

Walking to the bus stop. 

Iris and her entourage.

A few more photos before the bus comes.

Our next door neighbor, Ramya, also started Kindergarten that day. They were so happy to be going together.

Just waiting for the bus to come and get my big sister. I think Donevan was a little sad that Iris would be gone all day. I can tell he misses her.

The bus finally came. So exciting!!

Here I go!

We watched her get on the bus then met her at the school to see her get off the bus and walk her to her class. 

One of her best friends, Killian, was in her class so they walked to class together.

Ms. Mueller is such a great teacher. She is actually a friend of ours and we were grateful that Iris was in her class. We knew she would be in good hands.

Finding their cubbies and hanging up their backpacks.

So glad to have a close friend to share this exciting day with!

Finding their name tags.

Found a book and jumped right in.

Waiting for everyone else to get to class.

Giving goodbye hugs to Iris. We will miss her.

Good bye parents!!

She was in class number 42.

When Daddy met her after school, he brought her some roses. Talk about making a girl's day. What a good daddy. He watched her get on the bus so she could ride it home.

There was some mix-up on the bus ride home and the girls got off at the wrong stop. I have never been so glad that a third-grader had a cell phone. Our neighbors called their oldest girl and we were able to find them without too much trouble. So blessed to have good neighbors.

Iris had a great first day and has been doing amazing since. She loves school and astounds me with how well she is doing already. She learns something new every day. Donevan loves asking her "What did you learn today?" when he sees her after school.

I look forward to all the first days of school as they all get older. I remember it always being an exciting day for me. New grade, new teacher, lots of possibilities. I hope they get as excited about school and learning as I did. 


Sadie said...

yay! So happy you blogged. I miss seeing what's going on with your cute family. Iris is so adorable!

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Rodrico Compas said...

Looks more cute and exceptional that i was expected.I will keep that in mind.
Thank you very much for your wonderful post.... :)

Kind Regards
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