Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 38

Secret #75
Listen to music.

"Music communicates to us on many different levels, and our favorite music tends to transport our mind to its favorite place."

I love music. Any type of music. I like listening to music while I am doing anything. Especially working on pictures or cooking. I love that my kids love music too. They like to rock out and dance or just listen to the amazing classical composers. Music can change your mood. It can be so calming. But there are types of "music" (if you can call it that) that can be very disturbing and can almost put you in an angry mood just listening to it. So I guess technically I don't like ANY type of music. But is good for you. They say that Mozart is not only good for babies brains, but it also helps stimulate brains at any age. I need to start listening to more Mozart.

"A positive effect on mood was found for 92 percent of individuals when they listened to the music of their choice. Excitement and happiness were typical reactions to the music."

Secret #76
Let your goals guide you.

"When you have chosen reasonable, meaningful, and aligned goals, pursue them with all your heart."

I really like the example that they use in the book saying that if you want to cook something tremendous, you don't take everything out of your cabinets and fridge and pour it all in a big bowl and mix and cook it. Even if you took a lot of time on it you would still end up with garbage. Instead you follow a recipe and only add what you need and put in just the right amounts and you end up with exactly what you wanted.

Life is the same. "It doesn't take everything you have, and everything you can get your hands on, to wind up where you want to be." You just need a plan and then you need to have the patience to follow it.

"In ongoing interviews with a group of attorneys, a distinct transition was noted as career became less important and family more important. Those who recognized the change and reorganized their priorities accordingly expressed 29 percent more life satisfaction than those who did not."