Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 33

I am going to continue with the summary of secrets that I have missed and try and get caught up to where I should be.

Secret #59
Be your own fan.

"We need self-reinforcement, a belief in ourselves that is strong and unwavering. Be ready to pick yourself up when you are feeling down."

"The tendency to reinforce one's own self-confidence improves life satisfaction by about 20 percent for both men and women."

Secret #60
Join a group.

"Take in inventory of your interests. Chances are there is a group in your area dedicated to your special interest. People in groups develop positive personal relationships that tend to make them feel more comfortable around others, less lonely, and more in control of events."

"Group membership tends to make people feel more connected to each other and increases personal confidence and satisfaction by 7 percent."

Secret #61
Be positive.

"Whether you are at home, in the workplace, or among friends, be the person who exudes optimism, and you will find it reflected right back at you."

"Scientists have a very hard time predicting a person's happiness based on the events he or she has experienced. Instead, a far better predictor of happiness than the number of good or bad events a person has endured are the beliefs and attitudes he or she maintains."

Secret #62
There will be an end, but you can be prepared.

"One of the great sources of anxiety as we age is that we will never get a chance to do that thing we always wanted to do, or to finish that project we were working on years ago, or to mend the fences that may have fallen into disrepair as our relationships evolved. Don't wait until the end of your life to figure out what you wished you had done. Think of those things now and do them."

"Research on senior citizens finds that those who are most comfortable with their own mortality do not ignore the matter, but prepare themselves for it."

Secret #63
How we see the world is more important than how the world is.

"What is the shape of world, what condition is it in? Scientists, philosophers, and kings could offer a never-ending debate on the question. But there is no real grade for the world apart from the one you assign it."

"People who have experienced similar life events can wind up with nearly opposite perceptions of life satisfaction. Researchers have compared, for example, people who have received a job promotion, and they found that while some of the people treasure the opportunity others lament the added responsibility. The implications of life events are a matter of perspective."

Secret #64
Keep a pen and paper handy.

"People often feel frustrated that they can't remember a good idea they had last week or an interesting dream they had last night. Those who keep a notebook feel like they are more in control and are missing less."

"While purposeful activity contributes to happiness, feelings of lost thoughts and opportunities contribute to an unhealthy frustration. People who feel like their best ideas escape them are 37 percent less likely to feel content than people who do not."

Secret #65
Help the next person who needs some minor assistance.

"Giving help is a win-win situation, so take the time to pay attention to your surroundings and offer the help that you can. It could be as simple as making a habit of holding the door open for the person coming in behind you. It's a gesture of friendliness that makes another person feel better and makes you feel good about yourself."

"Life satisfaction was found to improve 24 percent with the level of altruistic activity."

Secret #66
Take care not to harshly criticize family and friends.

"We rely on those closest to us for support. We can accept critical words from those who are not close to us because we can believe they reflect a lack of knowledge about us rather than an actual flaw in us. From our friends and family, however, critical words cut deeply. Try to avoid fixing your friends and family. Love them for who they are. If you must say something negative, always be constructive. Make your criticism reflect your love and respect, not your disappointment."

"Aggression and fixations on disagreements reduces satisfaction in relationships by nearly 70 percent."

I know that I am not really hitting on these too much but even just reading the secret itself is helpful to me. The book really wants us to be positive. Whether with ourselves, the world, or with our criticism. I really think being positive with become a habit and you won't be able to do anything but be happy.

I am planning on posting a lot of pictures soon. So don't give up on me.