Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 16 (almost)

For those of you who have actually been following my Happiness Experiment, this has nothing to do with that.

No, this has to do with something completely different.

To some of you this is no surprise. You've known for a while, but I thought it was probably time to spill the beans and tell the world.

We are having baby #3!!!

Due in the middle of December. We are pretty excited. I've been feeling good so far. Only a handful of sick days. For the most part I have been doing great. Iris is pretty excited too. She is convinced it is a boy because every time we ask her if she wants a brother or sister she says, "A bruver." She also likes to tell me that when my stomach grumbles that the baby is talking.

We find out what it is in July so if you want to take a guess there is poll on the right. We'll see who's right. I don't have any feelings one way or the other. I have no idea. But we're prepared either way.

So anyway, that's the latest news here. I'll keep you updated on anything else that happens.


Meg said...

Wow-- our kids will be really close! I'm due Dec. 5. :)

Sadie said...

Kinz!! Congrats!!! That's so exciting!! You're catching up to me. ;) ha ,ha

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Awesome! Congratulations! That's super exciting :)

Tolman's Heaven said...

Congratulations! On #3. That is great news. Good luck with the whole pregnancy.