Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cute Pics and the Playful Potter

Just look at these cool kids. Oh so adorable. I especially love the really cheesy grin Iris is rockin'.

They are so cute together. They are really starting to play well together. Apparently they like to drink a little milk together too.

And take a little snooze together.

For our Family Day a couple weeks ago we went to The Playful Potter . (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Zinser for the Gift Certificate.) It was so much fun. We picked out plates for the kids and then they got to pick out colors. I actually picked Donevan's colors but Iris picked her colors. And then they got to paint their own designs on the plates. They were loving it.

Such concentration!

The messier the better for Donevan.

Iris thought it was so cool that she got to do it all herself

 Donevan kept wanting to kiss the plate for some reason.

Here is the final product. They fire them at the store and you pick them up a couple days later. It was so much fun and I love having these great mementos. Iris likes to eat off hers. Makes her feel so special to have her very own plate that she made herself.


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

That's SO cute! I would LOVE one too ;) Great gift

Sadie said...

Super cute! My mom stumbled on to The playful Potter in Vegas and takes the grandkids there every summer to make something. I've actually never been there, but it sounds way fun! Love your cutie pies. It's so nice when they start playing together a lot.

Jacob and Emily said...

This is very cute and would be fun to do every year to see them change!