Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Time...

I figured it was about time to overload you all with pictures again. It's been a while.

We love Tina and Tina loves us.

What kind of face is this??

Two of the cutest kids in the world.

I was so excited that her hair is long enough to braid. I was also pretty happy that she stood still long enough to let me do them. I had to take a picture.

Such a handsome lad.

Bubbles are so much fun!

We went to this place called The Playroom and she had a good time. She mostly wanted to play with the dress up clothes and walk around in the princess shoes.

Popsicles + petting the cat = Sticky hairy face

Donevan has started eating solid food. He didn't like it at first but now he gets really upset when the bowl is empty.

It's only a matter of time before they are crawling into each other's bed. She was telling him about Tigger and Eeyore.


Lindsay said...

i'll tell you what kind of face that is... a darn cute one. :) love these.

Haley said...

Heelllloooo sista! Love you! Hey...go check my page! Give "Birdie-bird" and the lil prince hugs from Auntie Haley! MUAH!