Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Happy! Merry Merry!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did. It was so much fun this year now that Iris is old enough to open presents. She still doesn't get the whole Santa thing, but she had fun ripping open the presents. Santa brought her a fish this year, which she was really excited about. She calls it "pish" while doing the sign for fish, so I guess that's it's name for now. She had fun opening all of Donevan's presents too.

I love this hat that Aunt Allison made for Donevan. She also made a really cute tutu for Iris but I haven't got any photos of it yet.

She loves working on things. Fixing things or "helping" us fix things. So she really loved this little toolbox/workbench with all the tools.

Here is a cute picture of the loves of my life.

Donevan has been so smiley lately. He just gets this huge grin on his cute little face. I love it!

It was finally a nice enough day to get out and play in the snow. Iris loved it so much, I had to drag her screaming into the house when it was getting dark.

I said she likes helping whenever we are working on anything. Here she is "helping" Evan when he was hooking up our dishwasher. She's even got the plumber's crack going on.

Here are few just really cute pics that I had to share with everyone. I can't get enough of the kiss face and Iris looked so cute in the little present shirt that Grandma Jessie made for her.


Aaron and Angela said...

Cute pics - it looks like you guys had fun. Did you make the knit earflap hat that Donevan is wearing? So flippin' cute!

Sadie said...

So cute!!! Glad you had a great Christmas. All of your family is so crafty!

Lindsay said...

aww... plumber's crack... i know that site all too well at my house. I'm glad Iris is taking after her uncle enos. hehe and donevan is turning out nicely too... what a handsome lad.