Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008/Home Means Nevada

Here are some photos of our costumes for this year. We decided to be an Amish family. I am pretty proud of the costumes I made for Iris and me. And Evan has an authentic straw hat from when he was in Amish country on his mission. I thought we looked pretty good. Iris was especially adorable. She loved the goodie basket that Grandma and Grandpa Zinser gave her, especially the suckers. She was so cute with the ViewMaster. She would look and the picture and point like it was right in front of her.

Just wanted to say Happy Nevada Day to all. And Happy Halloween. Hope it's all you expect it to be.


Lindsay said...

i dont know how you do it... but being amish makes iris like 12 times cuter.... which is hard to do since she's already eye-squintingly cute.

Lindsay said...

oh my gosh.. i just realized you only have 6 DAYS LEFT til baby!!! lucky. :)

Beth and Shae said...

Love the costumes. Good job. Iris is an adorable amish girl. Good luck next week. We will be in town and can't wait to see the new addition.

Meghan said...

Evan you look like you fit right in with the Amish, just pull the buggy up to the door! I loved it. Looks like you have some big turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Sadie said...

I can't believe how cute Iris is!! Very cute idea for Halloween.
Happy Nevada Day!!