Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still camping out

So we still aren't back in our house. Hopefully tomorrow. Evan has been slaving away since the contractors are no longer part of the picture. My pregnant back has really been missing my bed. And Iris hasn't even walked in her own house yet. She is now walking all over the place and hasn't even thought about crawling since. We are thankful for Matt and Janessa for letting us stay with them so long. Iris will be sad when she doesn't have Kaedyn to play with every day. I can't help but feel bad though for taking over their house for so long. THANK YOU SO MUCH MATT AND JANESSA!!!


Enos said...

So, why are the contractors not doing the job anymore? And oh my sweetness that iris is walking! We find out the sex of our avocado sized baby next week!

Aaron and Angela said...

I hope you get back in soon. That stinks!

Matt & Lindsay said...

Zinser Hey it was good talking to you today. My wife is really interested the next time you do a wedding to come along. Your daughter is gorgeous. I know how you feel camping out that is what it felt like living with my parents. you can check out our blog at