Monday, May 19, 2008

Our latest adventures

We have had some fun this last month. For Evan's birthday we went to Carson City and hiked up to a beautiful waterfall. It was a gorgeous day. We were going to go back down and wander around the shops in Carson, but by the time we got back to town it was pouring down rain. Crazy! As we were driving through Carson we saw a street named Iris so we had to take a picture.

Then we went to Oregon to visit Nana. Iris loved the ocean and got her first sucker from Nana. She loves candy! We also dressed her up in Nana's belly dancing beads. She liked how it made noise when she moved. We also got to go to the Tillamook cheese factory and ate some yummy cheese. We saw a couple lighthouses. I had never seen a lighthouse except in the movies. Most of them aren't even used anymore with GPS and technology like that. We were at Goodwill and found this wig and thought it would be funny to put it on Iris. She just left it there and was wondering why we couldn't stop laughing.


Tandee said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun time! And I love the photos! Especially the last one of Dad and Iris. Very sweet! =)

Jacob & Emily said...

Iris is beautiful! And I bet she is just a character to have around. The wig picture rocks! I was laughing so hard when I saw that.

Aaron and Angela said...

Iris is so cute! Congrats on the upcoming arrival - hope all is going well with the pregnancy!