Wednesday, March 19, 2008


That always seemed like such a big number when I was only 20 and 21, but now that I have officially reached the 27 mark, it's not that bad. (As long as I don't think about how close 30 is.) Evan threw me a surprise party and I can't believe that I didn't find out. He had me thinking he was planning a barbeque next week and Mom and Dad came in to town and asked if I wanted to go car shopping with them. Evan also got me to believe that he just really didn't want to go and did I think my parents would care if he didn't. So anyways, we went and looked at cars, and on the way home Dad missed the turn for our road and we ended up driving around and coming in the other way. If we had come in the normal way I would have seen all the cars parked in the back. Also, Dad "accidentally" honked the horn as we parked in the driveway. I of course, still didn't catch on. So I go walking in the house and was completely surprised so see about 12 or so people in my living room all saying "Surprise!". Wow. It was so much fun. Got to see some people I haven't for a while. It was interesting because at my party last year, there were about four of us pregnant. This year there were babies everywhere. We ate and visited and had a good time. I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends and family that I am blessed with. I am grateful for every new year that I get to spend with them. I am most thankful for my parents who brought me into this world and have done so much to make me who I am. I also want to tell everyone how much I love Evan. He truly is one of a kind. He is always surprising me. What a great husband. He puts so much thought into things.
Well this is getting pretty long so I am going to stop, but I just wanted to tell everyone what a good birthday I had.(Beside the fact that Iris didn't go to sleep till almost 1:00 because she was sick.) I am glad to be 27.


DJ, Valorie & Ammon said...

Yay. it sound like you have a great husband and had a great surprise!

Lucas and Merridy said...

you are old!!! Happy beeee-lated b-day! I had forgot you are a march baby too!